Natural products have taken over sections of every grocery store and beauty store. I myself was leary of this trend and probably late to the game but this list is why I have come to love natural products.



1. Peace of MindBathtime

I labeled this as number one because this is 90% of the reason I buy natural products. The safety I feel using something on my body or my pets body knowing that it has come from the earth is something that has a high value to me.



Natural Fruit2. Because You Can.

Natural Products are Ev-Er-Y where nowadays and at comparable pricing to synthetic products. Every grocery store has an organic section and most have natural products. Buying a safe, natural product is literally as easy as buying chips…and maybe some cheese to go with those chips and maybe you need a little something chocolate too, you probably do.



3. Shopping Local. Shop local

Maybe shopping local doesn’t always mean strolling down a little bridge over a stream into a cottage like this photo might suggest but it does mean supporting products made in your own area. Natural products are often sold close to where they are made. Here in Kansas City we are lucky enough to have several shops making some of my favorite natural products and I love knowing I’m helping to support fellow KC’ans and not some sweat shop a million miles away. Shopping local also reduces the pollution created by big box stores shipping product all over the country so really what’s not to love?



4. They’re Out There.          Narwhals Nature

Most of the time when a problem presents itself, nature will provide a solution. Take for example, the Inuit people of the Arctic, because of the scarcity of fresh produce to their diets they lack Vitamin C. This would present quite the problem in the health of that entire population HOWEVER it just so happens that a creature living among them is plump with Vitamin C… the narwhal. These weird sea unicorns have provided nutrition for the Arctic people for as far back as they can remember. In our plush modern worlds we can use the same mindset to solve our problems with the resources given to us through nature and most of us don’t even have to spear a narwhal!



5. They Work!Natural Chemistry

In the past 5-10 years the market trend towards eco-friendly and natural products has forced the science behind them to pump up its game. Now, more than ever, companies like ours have the ability and access to create formulas that can compete side by side with the harsh stuff that does work but isn’t all that great to be rubbing all over you or your pet’s skin.



6. They Smell Better.Mother Nature

Real fragrances are amazeballz. When my co-workers and I started making our pet line and got into choosing the fragrances of the products we noticed right away that the fragrance choices for natural products were just better smelling than those we see in products that use cheaper fragrances that come from who knows where.