How did mutts turn into “designer dogs”?

It seems this day just about every bread can be found in a doodle variety. From small to large. But when did this start?

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard the phrase “we used to call those mutts” when talking about designer dogs or hybrids I would have no reason at work right now. What changed? When and why did intentional cross-breading start …Read More

The Urine Cleaner That Saved Me $500 in 30 Minutes



This story has a very important preface… My parents love my dog, Tucker, a lot. They have 4 (human) grandchildren and I’m getting a little worried that Tucker is actually their favorite. He gets: Christmas presents, clothes, endless attention and the not-so-occasional pup cup from Dairy Queen. So it may go without saying that Tucker never, EVER gets in trouble at his “Nana and Poppy’s” …Read More

6 Reasons to Love Natural Products

Natural products have taken over sections of every grocery store and beauty store. I myself was leary of this trend and probably late to the game but this list is why I have come to love natural products.

1. Peace of Mind
I labeled this as number one because this is 90% of the reason I buy natural products. The safety I feel using something …Read More